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Enneagram Seminar

Why the Enneagram?

Why do we utilize a personality assessment tool like the Enneagram?

To Gain Self-Clarity

To Identify Specific Areas for Growth

To Better Understand and Appreciate Others


3 hour overview of Enneagram fundamentals where we...

  • Explore each of the Triads, Core Styles, and the Impact of “Wings” and “Arrows”

  • Attend to both strengths and vulnerabilities of each core style

  • Provide guidance on how to interpret your WEPSS (Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales)


TBA (NOTE: If interested in hosting an Enneagram Seminar, please email




Seminar only: $50

Individual Package: $150 [seminar + discounted 2.5 hour Individual Consult with Enneagram Coach Brett Payne]

Couples Package: $300 [seminar for two + discounted 5 hour Couples Consult with Enneagram Coach Brett Payne]



Please bring the results of the completed WEPSS profile to receive maximum benefit: 

WEPSS profile with CrossPoint's easy to read format for $40 (with discount code "book50"): click here (requires two days to process)

Basic WEPSS profile for $10: click here