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$100 Per Person (Limited Space)

CrossPoint Office, Downingtown, PA 19335

Rhythms for Life

A Six-Week, 2 1/2 hour introductory experience in Spiritual Formation with Brett & Susan Payne.

We will consider a variety of spiritual practices as modeled and taught by Christ, including the importance of rest, retreat/prayer, intentional relationships, repentance, relinquishment and a rule of life (sabbath, etc...). Each session will include teaching, discussion, practice and prayer. We believe that spiritual formation requires both the contemplative disciplines as well as Christian community. We believe you will find this introductory series life-changing as you pursue deeper spiritual growth in Christ.

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It was presented in a very caring and personal way – giving me time to think about important issues that I’ve not ever been aware of.”
“Very practical “life” stuff that can deeply impact your life and walk with the Lord.”
“The Relationship session gave me tools to deal with relationships with others and how to really listen to them.”
“Each session brought me greater awareness of my spiritual life.”
“Time to slow down and talk with the Lord.”
“I’ll never think of repentance in the same way again.”
“Caring about myself so that I can care more about others.”
“Processing deeper life issues in my heart in a healthier way will help in offering guidance to others and avoiding mistakes in ministry.
— Rhythms Participants

Week 1:  Rest - Embracing and Accepting Limits

Week 2:  Retreat - Seeking silence and space to listen to God

Week 3: Relationships - Growing in humility and empathy to love more freely and fully in Christ

Week 4:  Repentance - Agreeing with God about what is true in us and being open to the loving work of the Holy Spirit

Week 5:  Relinquishment - Accepting loss, adjusting to transitions, letting go of demands and engaging the fullness of life with courage

Week 6:  Rule of Life - Establishing Sabbath and cultivating Jesus’ rhythms for life

Schedule Rhythms!

We would love to lead a Rhythms series at your church or ministry!

This series consists of six 2 1/2 hour sessions. We would need a space for about 4 hours weekly that is comfortable for about 20 chairs in a circle.

Preferred size is between 12 and 20 people and a standard rate would be $100 per person, but we are happy to discount as needed for anyone with financial limitations. 

Contact Brett or Susan to schedule the series for your organization: or